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My Supernatural Sweet Sixteen (MAD)

These are the things that make me laugh, I'm such a nerd.


I really like how this show makes references to pop culture and yet is not offensive at all. Cute and funny fluff. It really reminded me that there's still fun to do without having to be outrageous. And its kinda weird coming from the MAD brand.

No Misha, I'm poor and Dumb

I don't have 10 dollars to join GISHWHES, and sure as hell that I have no idea what Kant even means, so no GISHWHES for me. Bummer.

Photoshop Boredom: Ruby

Very self explaining i guess XD, click for somewhat larger image


Fic: The Fantasy

Title: The Fantasy
Characters/Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: Pg-13
Spoilers: 5.17, just after the end of the episode.
Warnings: Drunk!Cas, Douchey!Dean
Word Count: 995
Notes: Kinda wrote this a while ago, after the aired ep, but I hadn't uploaded it, so, well, lets throw this on the air.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, but if I did.... HA HA HAHAH HAHAHAHAH!!! ha.... tee hee..
Summary: Dean dreams of a future with Lisa. A normal life in a house with white picked fences. But dreams are not always what we really want. Sometimes happiness its at hand's reach. And sometimes happiness comes in the form of a long coated angel.


Dean pictures himself in a baseball field, Lisa smiling behind himCollapse )

Hypothetycal Season 6

So, I tought of a Dean/Castiel full hypotetycal season... Should I write it?

Each title means something, mmm... so, If im going to do this, I should do it before september... ha! would I be able to do it??? it sure would be a challenge :D

"Why I always think of things Im not going to do?"Collapse )


Fan Art: Aescu's Gift

Sorry for the lateness Aescu, but here it is. I know is not exactly whta i promised (and also a complete rip off of an angel cover :P) but this is a thank you for helping me always:D

Fic: Selfless

Title: Selfless
Word Count: 4685
Timing: Season 5, Post Episode 10
Warning: Angst,  so much angst.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, if i did, it would have dragons and catgirls, and Dean would be humping Cas all day long
Summary: What makes love possible? What makes love endure? Or the try only leads to pain?
Notes: Stand-alone or series? not sure yest, but i wrote this a time ago so i thing is time to post it, i feel better now.
Special Thanks to: Aescu for the most awesomest beta test, whith highlights and color leyends!! <3


Read more...Collapse )

Oh my, I don't know even what to say, electric power recently returned to my home just a few hours ago, after that seemingly endless earthquake last saturday. feeling the earth move so hard for almost three minutes, with a strenght that the specialists say that has been the fiercest in the last ten years and sixth in recent history. I sill feel a bit shaken, and that ist true with the aftershocks.

My house was a mess. shattered glasss everywhere, the furniture laden and everything dear to me in the floor broken. My computer was crashed by its own screen and now i write from my mother's laptop. But my house remained intact, and i have to thank someone ore something for that, looking at the houses of my neighbours I feel sadness, they lost everething in just a couple of minutes. Old houses made of "adobe", bricks made of hay and mud, fell under the pressure, falling in a clamor of dust. Just across my street three houses fell almost entirely, and the destrucction could be seen in almost every block, in a city build in the colonial age.

When the earthquake hit I was at my uncle's country house, almost 50 km away from my city. It was almost four in the morning and the power went out almost as quick as the earth began to move. as we left my cousin's home, the first sound of broken glasses was heard, then the roar in of the earth itself on a earie moonlighted night. we knew we had to wait until dawn to return home. As we traveled trogh the old dirt roads, we saw the utter destruction of the old houses so common on my country, and as we entered the highway crossing, the asphalt itself had cracked and showed the entrails of the earth beneath us.

I still remmember when we entered our home, one of my cousins had stayed in our home after we left to visist  my uncle, and his son asked me why there was so much shattered glass on the floor. I almost cry. but then i realized that our home was a privileged one, and my city was a lucky one, at the sight of the coastal cities.

The news came slowly and far between from mouth to mouth. The cities closer to the coast were the most damaged not by the earthquake itself, but the tsunami that came after. I have a very dear friend in Constitucion, and i still don't know anything of her to this day, almost four days after the tremor. The gigantic waves ravaged the once beautiful coast, eden of tourists and place of the surfer's paradise in Chile. Everything was taken by the sea, hundreds of lifes lost under the water. It was not the tremor that killed the most people, it was the waves, hitting over and over until they satiated they hunger.

And those who survived lost everything, they homes no more, years of memories claimed by the sea or buried on the ground. And now not even a roof to sleep under, and in some places not even something to eat or drink. Despair has taken its heavy toll on too much people, greaving their loved ones and trying to find a place to sleep. It is just too sad in here.

After four days I just got electric power, four days sleeping where only moonlight bathed us, and just a battery radio to keep us informed. Now I have light, but there's still to much people sleeping in darkness and fear.

I hope that tomorrow gets better.

Lies we tell ourselves

 Lies we tell ourselves
Lies we tell ourselvesCollapse )